Who We Are

Intuvio is a small company founded in 2011 by two guys, Colin and Leo. We are on a mission to make cloud based apps that are useful and intuitive.

Intuvio applications will all be based around a cloud concept. It's our belief that combining server side logic, information, and processing power with flexible mobile applications provides the best functionality.

Our team combines deep experience in UI/UX, mobile app development, and infrastructure.

We're a small company so you can email Colin (co-founder) and Leo (co-founder) directly!

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What Makes Intuvio Tick?

Mobile. Cloud. Apps.

  • Fast cloud-based servers
  • Secured data storage and secure transmissions
  • Great looking application interfaces
  • Prompt customer service
  • Reasonable pricing

What People Are Saying

From iOS, Android, & Blackberry Reviews

  • "Tried several times to use iTunes to transfer contacts but failed. Out of desperation, I downloaded this app for free and paid the 99 cents for the import and export. Worked great! Fast easy and cheap couldn't believe it! Totally recommend it!"

    Symone (Google Play)
  • "Saved me so much time!!! Thank you!!"

    Adamwescott (iTunes)
  • "Export of my ~200 contacts took like 3 seconds on my iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.1 import to Droid took like 20. Works as advertised."

    bobint (iTunes)